What to Do and what Not to Do in Web Design

The online space makes everything so easy for you today, and looking for Brisbane web design services is at your fingertips in just a few seconds. You might want to start a website for your own needs, or you might represent a business – there can be any reason for doing this, but you need to pay attention to some details.3

The trick with the websites is that they need to be visible to the search engines, and to make sure this happens, you will need the help of professional web designers who know all the tips and tricks in this area.

We’ve made an easy list with the help of our best Brisbane web design experts, to tell you what you can do and what you can’t do with a website, to ensure its success in the internet, as much as possible.

The Content – It’s a Must

It’s extremely important to offer your visitors something of value – we’re not talking about money or gifts, but we’re talking about the content that they are searching for. People can decide in less than 10 seconds if the page is worthy to be followed or not, so when you add content to your website, make it spectacular and useful.

It’s not directly related to web design, but it’s the essence of your website. The aspect is also important, but people don’t go on your website to see what colors are your banners or what kind of menus you are using – they are looking for interesting content, something that offers them a valuable information, an insight into something or something useful.

Apart from this, don’t add too many advertisement – keep a simple ratio of 75% content or more and the rest keep it for ads. It’s annoying for visitors and it will be annoying for you to see that people leave your page the instant they get there because they are disturbed by too many ads.

The Distractions – It’s a No

How do you react when you want to open up a website and you see that there are more pop-ups or ads than content? You try to close them down and view the actual page, and if this doesn’t work, you simply leave to find something similar.

It’s the same with your visitors – if they see too many blinking ads, GIFs that are animated, different scrolling text or anything similar, they will leave in an instant. It’s not true that people are attracted to this – it’s just for their eyes, as the mind and their need will be drawn to something more static – an interesting text, a title that catches their eyes and draws their attention and so on.

The scrolling text needs to be avoided at all costs – different people read at different speeds, so if someone reads slower, they might be annoyed by the fact that they can’t read at all the content that is shown. The same goes for those who read at a fast pace – they’ll lose their patience waiting for the text to scroll more.

What it matters in your website is the opinion of your visitors – they are the ones who need to be pleased with what they see and what they get. Your opinion matters up to one point, but keep in mind that your visitors are your clients, and they can determine your success or your failure. Because of this, you need to keep them satisfied and interested in what you have to offer – through both content and aspect of your website.

The White Background – It’s a Necessity 4

Brisbane web design experts say that it’s extremely annoying to have a background image and a lot of text placed above it. This makes it impossible for them to read clearly the article or the blog that you’ve uploaded there. That’s just one of the reasons why you should leave the background white, and add just a few images in the whole post – their attention should be always on the content, and not on the extra elements used for improving the aspect.


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