3 Tips For a well-designed homepage

With the digital age catching up, e-commerce has become most important in the last few years. Having said that I do find many Brisbane based companies which think they can get enough work in the traditional way and are not in need of a WordPress website.  On the contrary there are businesses which have grown multitude, even without having a physical presence in Brisbane, but using just websites and e-commerce.

There are number of businesses which spend a lot of their time focusing on enhancing and tweaking the product pages of their site and do not pay the required attention to the homepage. Homepage is the face of the business to the customer. Homepage is like a welcome sign to digitally greet your customers. A well designed homepage in Brisbane can make or break the business with the impression it creates.

These are the top 5 tips for a well-designed homepage

  1. Web page and Homepage Layout

The homepage’s layout is the one of the crucial part of the website design. The layout needs to be free of clutter. Too much of information and images when presented in a cluttered and excessive manner, is overwhelming for the visitors. If the sire content is tidy and thought out it improves the professional image of the business.

  1. Catchy and Appropriate Images

When we want our homepage to stand out of the crowd, appropriate image speaks more than words. With the apt images the visitors will know about your business and what is site is about.

  1. Background and House colours.

The simplest but important aspect of the homepage is setting the colour tone. It is important to use the house colours of the company for brand building. The house colours should be used with the right hue and saturation to give a pleasant look. The background of the homepage can be an appropriate image reflecting the values and mission of the business or could be of the infrastructure of the business. A collage of any sort representing the business could also be used as a background in the homepage.

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