5 Ways to develop a simple website in Brisbane

Many companies do not feel the need of a WordPress website, but if you look at this digital age, web presence does make a huge difference in your business. So depending on the size of your business you can Design a simple website in Brisbane. Websites need to be clean, simple and affordable.

Here are few tips to create a simple website design. Brisbane based developers could teach you more than the following tips, though this should get you started.

Before we start building our website with WordPress, a word about web hosting. Most people don’t think it’s that important but I beg to differ. A reliable Australian web host can make all the difference, so really make sure you check all the boxes before choosing a hosting company for your brand new website. Look at things like uptime, storage, server specs, how many add-on domains you’re allowed, do you need a dedicated up, etc. Also think about which type of web hosting you need… do you want the cheaper shared hosting, or dedicated, or maybe a vps. You also want to make sure you choose an Australian web hosting company, so the delay is minimal for your target market. Anyway, if this sounds a bit too complex, definitely have a look here for the best Australian web hosts.

  1. Pen down your needs

The idea you have might seem like the best ever concept, but when it finally is uploaded and when you look at the site, it might not be the same as your expectation. To avoid such a disaster, first and foremost thing to do before you start with the design is to pen down how you want the site to look. This could be in the form of a flow chart which shows the navigation as well. A well planned site gives a professional look.

  1. Simple Graphics

Let the homepage of the site tell the visitors about who you are and what your business is. Ensure that the other pages have simple graphics or no graphics. It’s always better to not to have graphics than having bad graphics. Many sites look bad because the designer tries to put in lot of graphics without knowing what is required. This makes the site look amateurish.

  1. Simple Navigation

To the amount possible try and keep the navigation as simple as possible. It is always better to provide direct links rather than trying to give too many nested links. If you wish the visitor to get more information, then you can have sub links from that particular main page. If you need a really custom design menu, consider buying a WordPress menu plugin, check them here. For example, if you wish to list out the product features, its’ better to do it in the products page rather than giving sub links in the main page.

  1. Choose the correct resolution

The website has to be flexible enough to be viewed in any resolution and any kind of browsers. The images should also have medium resolution and has to be clear. The website needs to load quickly and hence the image size has to be optimised for web.

  1. Follow cognitive Fluency rule

Cognitive fluency is the measure where the brain thinks about easy to think things. Our brain prefers to think things easier than to harder ones. We tend to visit sites where we can find things easily and the sites which we are used to. Which comes to say that keeping things simpler and easy to find will bring in more visitors to the site.

Here are few things we need to keep in mind while we plan a simple site.

  • Always advisable to research on the audience and then design the layout based on their preferences
  • Always base your site on your house colours and logo colours and your fonts for clear and subtle communication.
  • Always keep the site simple, try and use as much white space as possible.
  • Ensure the site is aesthetic and is faster to load.

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