10 web design tips to design like a pro in Brisbane

A professional website is clear, concise, and attractive with the right amount of text, image and maybe animation; it is informative and engaging at the same time. It is easy to navigate, quick to load and gadget compatible.  Here are 10 tips on how to design an effective and popular website for Brisbane businesses.


Speed is Vital

A great looking website fails miserably if it loads very slowly. Therefore, every web designer should design a website which loads quickly, say within 15 seconds. The designer should design maximum using HTML, use optimised images and CSS.

Smooth Navigation

The website should not be an obstacle race, wherein the user is trying to navigate between content and pages with great difficulty. In fact, at the first sign of complex steering, the user will leave the page. Ensure that all links are categorised and are placed prominently. Links should be placed in all pages of the website and irrelevant links discarded right away.

Screen Resolution

To meet a larger clientele base a website should be designed to fit all kinds of resolutions. Design based on percentage and not pixels because this gives the flexibility to scale the picture to fit any resolution.

In sync with any browser

An effective website should be deigned in such a manner that it can be opened by all popular web browsers.

Universal Font

A fancy looking font does not mean a great website. Using sans serif font which can be opened by all devices is recommended.


Images on website certainly add to the value of the page but too many will clutter the page and take the focus away from the main content of the site. Use images only if they enhance content.

White is Right

White space should be used very prudently- too much or too little can do more harm than good. Judicious use of white space will give time to the user to assimilate the options and information available on the site.

Balanced Layout

A webpage which has text, images and graphics placed randomly in an unorganised manner appears shabby and chaotic. It is recommended to use the card layout wherein the content and images are neatly organised in rectangular boxes for easy readability and assimilation.

Gadget Friendly

People no more use only a laptop or a standalone computer to browse the web. I pads, I phones, androids and all kinds of gadgets are been used. A successful website is responsive and can be browsed effectively from all the gadgets without compromising on the content or visual appeal of the site.

F pattern

It has been researched that just as we normally read left to right, we have a tendency to browse also from left to right and loosely follow “F” while browsing; this make right side less important. Hence design a page in such a way that all important content and links are placed on the left side and on the top of the page.

Following these design elements will ensure that your designs are as professional as the best in Brisbane.

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